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I need a website | I would like a business | I want a website.

So, you need a website either for your business or your personal brand.

Where do you start?

What are the pieces of the puzzle that make a website “appear”.

There are a few essential pieces of the puzzle.  Additional pieces help to enhance your website.

Essential Pieces

  • Domain Name(s)
  • Web-Hosting
  • Site-Files

Additional Pieces

Social Media – in our socially connected world, these are increasingly becoming essential.

  • Google Maps/Search
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook Company Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Instagram Page
  • Twitter

Domain Name(s)

A domain name is your websites address.  Similar to a phone number – when people dial it, they are directed to your phone.  Your domain name(s) is how users find you on the computer or smart phones.


Web-hosting or a server is the space that you rent for your business/website.  This is the space where the files for your website reside.  Without hosting – your website files will have a place to live.


These are the special pages that have the content (information) for your website.  Image & media files can also be here to enhance your website.  The web-hosting server is designed to read the special pages, images & media files.  Think of file folders or computer or even an old fashion file cabinet with sub-folders.

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