A Website is Not Enough

Being a small business owner is all encompassing.  You wear many hats, accountant, officer manager, stock person, IT person & marketing person.

One way to get your business out there is to have a website, though… it does not end there.

Having a website is the first step…it is the common thread that weaves all of your other social media platforms together

Google owns more than 70% of the Search Engine Market Share

Therefore it is imperative that if you are a small business owner, you not only have a website, but also have a presence on all Google.

As a website designer, I know the importance of integrating your website firmly within Google.    There is no hard and fast rule…but here are some of the ‘value-added services’ I provide to my website clients.

  • Setup a Gmail Account for your business, this allows you to do the following:
  • Create a Google+ page for your business.
  • Verify your website: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home
    • Google Analytics: sign up for Google Analytics and place the UA code on each page of your website. This provides you with vital data of who is visiting your website, how they are searching for your site, etc.
    • Google MyBusiness: There are two different options…the biggest difference is between a Google Places Location page and a Google Brand Page is a physical location.  For guidelines, click this link https://support.google.com/business/answer/3038177
    • Update your Google+ social page and make sure you use #hashtags when posting about your businesses.  This helps with organic search results…  those that are not pulled up from Paid Ads & those pulled from Maps.
  • Be consistent with your social media posting/marketing.  If you do not post, Google will forget about your website/social media page.

DLO-Consulting focuses on providing you with the knowledge that you need to have a presence on the web.  Google is ever changing and we provide you with the basics of managing your online presence yourself.

We are currently exploring partnerships with companies that are Google experts to ensure the tips we provide you are the most accurate they can be. BE CONSISTENT!!


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